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Jun 23, 2007

One thing on Vincient Siew after all...

Came across this in the very pro-green New Taiwan:


Summary: Vincent Siew signed that if the KMT had passed the "the ROC is Taiwan" formulation he advocated in 2004, perhaps the KMT wouldn't' be so harmed by the rhetoric regarding "nativization." He also suggests Ma avoid talking so much about direct flights and put the focus on China as merely a tool for Taiwan's already economy which is strong in its own right and a way to improve Taiwan's competitiveness between the other three of the "four dragons."

Interestingly, this is not Ma's position at all.

Edit and update: I'm not the only one to notice this! The Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) Chairman Chen Ming-tong ( 陳明通 ) also came out today and said that if the KMT would adopt Vincient Siew's position that "the ROC is Taiwan," it could solve the Taiwanese national identity problem.

Personally, I think it takes one more step: the unequivocal acceptance that only the Taiwanese public have a right to determine the future of Taiwan and via referendum.