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Jun 14, 2007

Quick, buy off farmers!

Not to be outdone by KMT efforts, the DPP is trying now to improve the lot of farmer villages with a NT$100bn bill. And realtors like it too!

To turn the plan into reality, the Cabinet yesterday approved an administrative order -- the "Plan for Rebuilding Farming Villages" and unveiled a proposal for a new law -- to back the plan.

While the proposed law must be submitted to the legislature, the plan can be implemented immediately because it is covered by the administrative order, which does not require legislative approval.

Chang said the plan would help farming villages improve the daily lives of farmers, including new residential buildings, sewage systems, parks and public services.

"We hope to construct more `garden cities,'" he said.

"Our estimates show that more than 500,000 households in farming villages would benefit from the plan," he said.

Chang said that the Cabinet was planning to spend the NT$100 billion within a decade to renovate more than 4,000 farming villages nationwide.

"Now that the high speed rail system is finished, anyone can travel from one place in Taiwan to another within a day. Improved transportation would make it easier for farming villages to become more developed in terms of the environment and public construction," he said.

Good job paying attention just in time for the elections, guys!

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Michael Turton said...

ROFL. I saw that too. It's so blatant. Where's my flow of cash from the central government?