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Jun 4, 2007

Shocking Wang rant

While I have yet to see any video footage or hear an audio recording of this event, Wang avoids confirming or denying that he said these things (a sure sign he did).

遭王批評「是什麼東西」 馬尷尬:沒親耳聽到不相信 (ETToday)

Here are the key paragraphs, though it's hard to tell exactly how sensationalized it is:




While giving a speech at the National Changhua University of Education on Saturday, Wang Jin-pyng (王金平), student ask why he had procrastinated on the Ma-Wang ticket issue. As soon as Wang heard this question, his whole person immediately became a whirlwind of anger. Wang first scolded media for attacking him daily for procrastinating on the Ma-Wang ticket for half a year, even though Wang had actually clearly refused Ma's offer back in April: where was the so-called procrastination?

He said that when the KMT had not formally nominated Ma Ying-jeou, Wang said he didn't understand on what authority Ma could come and ask him to be his running mate, and asked, "How worthless is Ma Ying-jeou?"

When it came to the issue of how the Wang-Ma relationship was already tattered beyond description, Wang repaired his previous statement, saying that no matter what, he wanted to see the KMT retake the presidency, so in 2008 he could only hold back his tears and cast his vote.
When questioned on the issue, Ma basically said "Wang wouldn't say anything like that, and I haven't heard it from him." When questioned about the statements the day after he made them, Wang basically said "I'm a loyal party member and want us to win."

I wonder what Wang was thinking, if he was thinking? Could he have been baiting Ma? Is this a sign of things to come? What will happen?

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Raj said...

Well of course, one hopes that Ma gets convicted, refuses to withdraw and Wang runs as an independent.