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Jun 11, 2007

KMT's referendum issues

The KMT says they are going to push two referendums to combat the DPP's two. The first is a referendum on direct flights (apparently to counter the party property issue) and to apply for UN membership under the name of "Republic of China" (to counter the 'apply as Taiwan' referendum). They emphasised this was had nothing to do with the 2008 election, when all four referendums are likely to be held. Wang likes the ideas.

The DPP naturally attacked the KMT's referendums, with Hsieh pointing out that the KMT's position has flip flopped between the idea that holding a referendum at the same time and place of an election is illegal, to just trying to stop it from happening, to pushing their own ideas. He says they have no real fundamental values on this topic.

I think that the dueling UN related referendums are counter-productive, since the point of the referendum was more an effort to send a signal to the world, though using the name Taiwan was also clearly aimed at promoting a "Taiwanese conscience."

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Michael Fahey said...

The more referendums the better. They are still a bit of a novelty. KMT-backed referendums would legitimize the concept of referendums to the half of the population that is still unconvinced. Best of all, imagine if the ROC referendum gets less votes than the Taiwan one.

No I can't believe the KMT is doing something this stupid. Wait a minute. Of course I can!