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Sep 26, 2008

Video rap on Ma & the milk powder debacle

It's the third most popular video on today. I made a subtitled version, but the white subtitles don't come out so well. So here's the video with the subtitle code below. Not perfect, but I had to do it in a hurry and without consulting any native speakers. Enjoy!

Note: I think it's irrationally anti-China & anti-Ma, but it's entertainment. What can you say.

00:01 This song is for the great Mr. Ma
00:07 This song goes out to Regional Leader Ma
00:12 This song is for the mysterious|Department of Health
00:16 I hope the fake and dangerous| products from China,
00:18 the poisoned milk powder,
00:21 And the Chinese people
00:23 won't come to Taiwan anymore.
00:25 I hope all of Taiwan's children
00:28 can grow up healthy and happy.
00:31 We can't do much about the milk powder
00:34 But we can speak the truth.
00:37 Lastly, I hope all of our| Taiwanese friends
00:41 can live in happiness.
00:44 The poison milk powder scandal| has rocked the globe
00:46 Taiwanese have endangered themselves
00:48 Mr. Ma, as usual,|isn't getting involved
00:50 And has retreated|to the second line - shit!
00:52 He never knows anything| 'till he sees it in the paper
00:54 Once he knows he thanks |everyone for their advice
00:57 Now I know why they call him| "Little incompetent/coward"
00:59 Making so many goodwill| gestures to China
01:01 Showing no trace of boldness
01:03 The "truce" in foreign relations
01:05 is making the word "Taiwan"| disappear internationally
01:07 Taiwan has third wives,|horse milk, fake milk, G-cups
01:11 But none of them compare|to China's poison milk powder
01:13 The government has left| the gates wide open
01:15 It's as if nobody's even home.
01:17 Tell Chiu Yi to go investigate
01:20 If he's not bullshitting|he'll be right on the money
01:22 As soon as they run into|dangerous Chinese goods
01:24 The Ma administration |doesn't say a word
01:26 Won't even make a squeak for fear of|angering their motherland, China.
01:28 He will say, this is A-bian's fault.
01:30 A-bian processed this milk powder.
01:32 A-bian made Ma's support drop to 20%.
01:36 I can't stand it anymore.
01:38 Taiwanese people are angry.
01:40 Dispirited people talk of suicide,
01:42 The spirited want revolution.
01:44 If it's "Made in China" it's dangerous
01:47 Taiwanese stars call China| "the interior" on TV
01:50 Taiwan's inland is Nantou,| not China
01:52 Stop acting like a dog,
01:54 wagging your tail so China| will throw a bone.
01:58 Dangerous Chinese goods| aren't news
02:00 They've been around a long time
02:02 I've discovered the most dangerous
02:04 Chinese good of all is Ma "Milk"-jeou.
02:06 Dangerous Chinese goods |aren't news
02:08 They've been around a long time
02:10 I've discovered the most dangerous
02:12 Chinese good of all is Ma "Milk"-jeou.
02:14 refrain: Thank you for your advice,
02:16 everything is being handled|in accordance with law.
02:18 I saw in the paper today|
02:20 that the government has relaxed|the melamine standards.
02:22 Those goods that had been| labeled as poisonous
02:24 and that were set to be recalled
02:26 Are now labeled as 'safe'
02:28 And there's no need to|recall them anymore.
02:30 Too mysterious.
02:32 Nothing to do about it.
02:34 This is what we get with| Mr. Ma's government.
02:42 I hope Taiwanese people| can be healthy and happy
02:46 Good luck everyone.
02:48 Go Taiwan.

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