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Sep 12, 2008

The return of the Party-State?

Two rather disturbing events point to the reassertion of a Party-State mentality in the KMT:

First, and most disturbing, recent revelations that the the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT), through the Economic Ministry, asked the Taipei Business Administrative Office (aka the Taipei City Office of Commerce) to check the accounts of green-leaning companies. The TBAO/TCOC then sent out a letter asking its people to make the appropriate investigations. The TBAO/TCOC denies political motive and says both blue and green leaning companies accounts were checked, but did not provide any further detials on names or number of companies checked.

Now here's some news from a reporter friend on this subject:

It's true ah, it's on the TV and a copy of the official document was shown on video. 台北市政府商業處 director admitted that they have sent such a letter, but said the staffer has "made a mistake" and "forgot to remove the part about the KMT" (which means it's a request from the KMT, but they forgot to cover it??)
And same reporter friend summerized the second disturbing event
Also, there's another piece of news that Ma Ying-jeou, who bough 4,200 boxes of moon cakes from welfare groups with the state affairs fund, is distributing the moon cakes through KMT local branch offices. The Wu Poh-hsiung declined to comment, but the Presidential Office said it's not a big deal because it's just "for the convenience of distribution" and "it's not important through which channel we distribute the moon cakes but who receives them."

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