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Sep 26, 2008

Melamine standard NOT back to 0.0ppm

The firestorm of Taiwanese fury caused that 2.5ppm policy to reverse in a hurry.

Update: commenter said I was wrong. Taiwan will continue to use the test that only detects over 2.0ppm and call any lower level "undetected." Will let you know if this changes, though, because DPP will now push hard for some stricter standards and labeling.

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Claudia Jean said...


I don't think it has really been reverted back to 0. Today, Yeh said they'll go by 'detected' and 'undetected'(檢出與未檢出). However, if a mechine is not sensitive enough OR the testing body sets a high threshold, there could be a substantial amount of Melamine (e.g. 2.5ppm) in the product but the test results still come out 'undetected'. At the moment, the government is not using the most sensitive equipment that can detect at a ppb level and exaggerates the cost of a machine.