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Feb 7, 2009

Legislative Yuan blows

This was among my favorite articles in Thursday's paper, because it reminds us of just how authoritarian the legislature tries to be. They don't just spend ALL their time covering Diana Lee's ass:

Dozens of civic group members yesterday rallied outside the Taipei District Court as prosecutors questioned Citizen Congress Watch (CCW) executive director Ho Tsung-hsun (何宗勳) about a slander lawsuit filed by Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) Legislator Tsai Chin-lung (蔡錦隆).

“We condemn lawmakers who file lawsuits against watchdog groups. Instead, they should face public scrutiny with honesty,” National Union of Taiwan Women’s Associations chairwoman Chen Man-li (陳曼麗) told demonstrators outside the courthouse yesterday morning.“We urge Tsai to withdraw the lawsuit. You may have ranked last [in CCW’s evaluation of lawmakers], but you won’t stay there if you work hard enough,” Chen said.

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Tommy said...

I would like to know how he plans to prove that slander/libel was committed. To commit slander or libel, they would have to have lied. They commented on their own survey. If their survey delivered the result they said, then they have not been untruthful. How can he say they lied?