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Feb 3, 2009

New media bias tracking site (與媒體對抗) is a long-running, pro-Taiwanese forum and blog hosting site that has devoted itself to exposing the consistant blue-bias in the majority of local media.

Not it looks like they have a new buddy on the scene with some cross over users. News Rumble! is helping highlight the extent the bias one (or two) articles at a time.

My favorite feature so far is the strait comparison section (正直新聞), where two articles from the same media outlet or the same author reveal drastically different attitudes based on the media or authors preference or distaste for the party in power.

As you can imagine, the site is currently focused on the pre- and post-Ma victory articles in largely blue media. My favorite comparisons so far include:

TVBS pre-Ma: "wages are meager!" (薪水變薄!)
TVBS post-Ma: "making even more money [than at your job] during your unpaid forced vacations" (無薪假休了更賺)

And this horrific contrast on the importance of money and spending habits defies my commentary.

Plenty more there. Enjoy!

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