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Feb 4, 2009

Ma: Improved cross-strait relations have

President Ma has noted that warming cross strait relations, driven by Taiwan's acceptance of a 'one China' policy, has actually strengthened Taiwanese sovereignty and improved trust between Taiwan and American officials.

The RTI article does not quote Ma directly using the phrase Taiwanese sovereignty (台灣主權), but the Liberty Times article confirms the quote and extends on it (Update: Taipei Times article indicated he may have used ROC sovereignty instead of Taiwan sovereignty), paraphrasing Ma's comments as "Taiwan is already a democratic society, and of course Taiwan's future must be decided by Taiwanese people. The government's policy is to make Taiwanese sovereignty and respect for the people the top priority.

Ma also claims that his "no unification, no independence, no force" policy is so awesome that it allowed the new government to make the US arms purchase last October (despite it having been on the table for years already but boycotted by the KMT); Ma also cited a number of small issues which seem to demonstrate that Taiwan already has more international space because of his China policy.

Ma is of course living in an alternate reality.

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skiingkow said...

Of course, PandaMa is not living in an altered reality.

He is simply fulfilling China's wishes.

I must disagree with your angle, A-gu. This is not misplaced benevolence on Ma's part. They are systematically moving Taiwan into China's control.

Another example of the KMT's treachery may be found HERE .

If it looks like a panda and chews bamboo like a panda, then it's a panda.