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Oct 15, 2008

Taiwan study book: Taiwan is a "special region" of China

Taiwan was recently labeled a special economic region of China in supplemental textbooks recently prepared for Taipei middle schools by the publishing house Han-lin (翰林出版社).

The book in question, 《贏家滿分圖解試題集—中國歷史》, is one of the supplemental textbooks sold by Han-lin to complement the regular course textbooks, many of which are also published by Han-lin.

Han-lin has apologized for the printing and will accept returns on the books for refunds (no voluntary recall though).

It's not clear how this error could have occurred. Perhaps publishing was outsourced to China. Another possibility is plagiarizing from Chinese material; the chapter that this mislabeling is titled "Development since the Chinese Communist Opening up and Reform" 「中共改革開放後的發展」.

In either case, this will be embarrassing to the Han-lin editors for some time to come.

1 comment:

Dezhong said...

Hopefully it was just an embarrassing mistake.

Because we all remember Ma's words from his inaugural address, don't we.

"All forms of political interference in education must be eradicated."

(Though, it wouldn't be the first "promise" with some delays.)