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Oct 3, 2008

More on that little scuffle

From ICRT:

Newly installed health chief Ye Jin-quan headed to the hospital for a
check-up ... after a shoving match in the Legislature which caught him in the

Ye headed to the Legislature this morning to join lawmakers at a news
conference for a local business association representing the island bakery

Ye joined lawmakers in assuring consumers that local bakery products are safe.

However, when the news conference ended, DPP lawmakers surrounded the health
chief ... demanding to know why he has ignored a request to visit their
caucus office and report on the tainted milk crisis.

KMT lawmakers stepped in to shield the health chief ... and a shoving match
ensued that turned chaotic.

Ye ... who looked unwell ... headed back to the Department of Health ...
telling reporters afterwards he has high blood pressure and felt very dizzy
... and needed to rest.

Cabinet secretary general Xue Xiang-quan later took Ye to the NTU hospital
for a check-up ... and denounced what he called the violent action on the
part of DPP lawmakers.

The KMT says it plans to seek punishment for the DPP lawmakers involved from
the Legislature's disciplinary committee.

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