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Oct 2, 2008

ICRT wrap up...

Chinese foodstuff toxins scare

As concern continues about the safety of Chinese produced dairy products and
food products containing vegetable-based protein food additives .... the
Department of Health has said that it will increase control over the sources
of food and beverage ingredients.

According to newly appointed Minister of Health ... Yeh Qing-chuan ... his
office will screen all imported and locally produced dairy products and
vegetable-based proteins for traces of melamine.

Speaking to reporters .. Yeh said that the D-O-H will also step-up random
checks of such products from all countries, especially those from what he
called "risky countries."

Currently only 5-per cent of the food products in each shipment is checked,
but the new ruling means that 20-per cent of all imported dairy products and
foodstuffs containing vegetable-based proteins will be examined.

Yeh added that all Chinese milk powder, dairy products and creamer will
remain banned for an indefinite period of time.
Vice Premier: Transparent mechanism needed for sovereign fund
The Vice Premier has said that the creation of a sovereign wealth fund would
be helpful for Taiwan's economy .... but that a transparent mechanism must be
set up to manage it.

Speaking to reporters ... Paul Chiu said that ... if a "concrete plan" on
the creation of a S-W-F is met in the coming weeks it will be sent to the
Executive Yuan for approval.
Mayor forced to suspend Maokong Cable Care service
A day after Taipei City Mayor Hao Long-bin declared the Maokong Cable Car
safe ..... its operators have suspended services indefinitely due to
questions remain over its safety.

The City Mayor assured the public on Monday that the system was safe even
though a landslide had caused the foundation of a support tower to be washed
away during typhoon "Jangmi."

According to Hao .... the cable car system's consultants C-E-C-I Engineering
Consultants had assessed the cable car and vouched for its safety.

However .... during a visit to the area yesterday ... City Councilors
discovered that the foundation had been washed away . and that serious
erosion was occurring in the area affected by the landslide.

A spokesman for the Taipei City Government has said that the results of a
safety assessment are expected within one month.

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