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Jan 17, 2008

CCP and KMT's positions: identical except in degree of fanaticism.

Let's take a look at an article published just yesterday in the Communist party mouthpiece, the People's Daily (《人民日报》). We'll focus on two paragraphs in particular, though they're both quite a mouthful:


The report on the 17th People's Congress pointed out: "Firmly holding to One China principal is the political basis for cross-strait peace and development. Although the two sides of the strait are not yet unified, the mainland and Taiwan are both part of one China and this reality has never changed. China is the home of compatriots on both sides of the strait, and they ought to help protect and develop the interests of our common home. We are willing to exchange dialogue, negotiate with, and discuss any issue with any political party in Taiwan, as long as it will admit that both sides of the strait are part of one China. We earnestly call for negotiations to formally end the state of hostility between the two sides of the strait and for a peace agreement on the basis of the one China principal. We solemnly call for construction of a cross strait peaceful development framework and a fresh start for the peaceful development of our relations."

These important points objectively describe the cross strait status quo, make clear the foundation for peaceful cross-strait development, express the Chinese Communist party's sincere willingness to push forward peaceful cross-strait development and clearly define a practical path to a "win-win" relationship in cross strait relations....


To firmly uphold the One China principal is a fundamental interest of the Chinese people. In the history of the Chinese people, splitting up the country has been the greatest sin. On a question as critical as the unification of our country, we cannot allow any room for compromise. As long as the one China principal is upheld, then any other issue can be negotiated. A long term peaceful development of cross strait relations is the correct path, but it requires the upholding of the One China principal; for the two sides of the strait to realize peaceful unification, all that's needed is firmly upholding the One China principal.

Efforts to promote "two Chinas," "one China, one Taiwan," "state-to-state relations," "one side, one country," and De-sinofication are all vain. They are an intentional distortion of the One China status quo, and intentional destruction of the One China principal, and they all provoke our people and country's most core interests. These efforts are also fighting against the flow of history. They not only do nothing to contribute to peaceful development of cross strait relations, but those who push them will ultimately be considered criminals of history, and they will fail.

Phew. That took a while. And as far as I know, it's the most direct overture to sign a peace agreement from teh CCP. Now for China, the "One China principal" is identical to the "92 consensus;" for the KMT, the "92 consensus" is defined as "One China, two interpretations." Since that sounds suspiciously like "two Chinas," the CCP will never accept the KMT definition.

But there's no need. If a phrase that can maintain some ambiguity like "92 consensus" is used, there is room for negotiations. And we all know Ma accepts the One China principal. Ma just insists that somehow "One China" is the ROC, and has never been able to explain if he believes the PRC exists (though interestingly, he can say the words PRC without actually saying they exist).

So the real point of this post is: there is room for a peace agreement and the establishment of a framework for continued peaceful cross strait relations, and both the KMT and CCP are very interested in moving on that quickly. You should quite rightly read that as plans to "Hong Kong-ize" Taiwan and sacrifice the de facto sovereignty that Taiwan now enjoys, while cutting off any possibility of future de jure sovereignty. And all this will be done in the name of peace and prosperity.

I still think the anti-unification forces must prevail. The alternative is unimaginable.

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Unknown said...

Ah Gu, please be realistic. As long as a "central" government is able & willing to fight, there is no way that "seperatist" movement/goals will be achieved peacefully. So big question: Are you ready to fight China? If not, just take the middle path & drag the issue as long as you can. As long as you still control your own army you will never be HongKong! Bottomline, do not let China has a reason to attack Taiwan. If Taiwanese are ready to fight, then ok, so be it! You must know that you cannot have everything your way in this world. This is waht I call reality. Win some, lose some. Compromise! And this is what DPP has fail to teach Taiwanese!