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Dec 12, 2007

Wu predicts legislature: Blue 71, Green 42

Chung-li Wu (吳重禮) of the Academia Sinica's Institute of Political Science spoke at the Center for Strategic and International Studies and made his analysis of the future Legislative Yuan, predicting 71 seats for the KMT-PFP alliance, 39 for the DPP and 3 districts for the TSU.

Wu saw a strong KMT performance in the North and Center of the country, while predicting the DPP would win most seats from Chia-yi down to the deep south.

The KMT calls this prediction overly optimistic, citing the difficulties of making a sweep of Taichung and the likelyhood of loss in a few Taipei districts as well. He also mentioned the KMT's hopes for some Tainan and Kaohsiung seats.

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