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Dec 27, 2007

One or two steps, still a bit confusing

On one hand, the CEC has moved to be able to fire anyone who doesn't follow legal procedure in the upcoming election. Taipei Times reports:

Amid heated debate, the Central Election Commission (CEC) yesterday approved regulations that would allow the premier to remove local election commission members from office upon the CEC's request.

The move is seen by many pan-blue politicians as a measure giving the Cabinet the power to replace local election commission members who insist on adopting the two-step voting scheme.

On the other hand, the CEC spokesman apparently said a person could pick up a different ballot they didn't pick up the first time as long as they don't leave the voting room. This has been taken by some of the blues to signify the CEC will allow cities and counties to set up a two-step method, while the greens are apparently saying it means the set up still has to be one step (ballots all can be picked up together), but people could pick them up in two different trips if they so desired.

The CEC itself is saying you still need a one step set up for the election, even if people can take the ballots in two steps. We'll see what happens, there's still some time!

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