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Dec 6, 2007

KMT airs misleading ads

The KMT has a pair of ads that were really emotionally powerful and moving. I thought they were actually the smartest ads the party had ever run. Honestly, when I was watching them my confidence in a DPP victory hit a new low! Here's one of the two.

Unfortunately, Mr. Fang, who runs a breakfast shop in Pingtung City (18 second mark), actually has pretty good business; Mr. Su the banana farmer who is the final speaker, is not only a party member but worked for the party before; and at least one person in the sister ad is a party worker as well.

I thought it was an effective ad. They shouldn't have shot themselves in the foot with it by picking guys who would make the ad appear rigged. They easily could have found non-KMT members to complain about the DPP's performance!


Unknown said...

maybe I don't understand the difference between a normal ad and a political ad. If a actress in a ad say she took vitamin x 3 times daily does that mean she have to take vitamin x 3 times daily in real life . An ad sole purpose was to convey a message. That ad appear rigged. of course advertisements are fake, the peoples that appear in it are only acting. maybe a political ad are meant to be otherwise. I don't know.

Tim Maddog said...

N.J, I bet that you do know the difference between being acting and telling people not to trust someone while simultaneously hiding your own deep alliance with the opponents who are likely to benefit from the ad.

Misleading ads for products are bad, too, but the damage they can do doesn't even approach that which this kind of ad could do to an entire nation.

Don't trust the KMT!

Tim Maddog