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Sep 26, 2007

National People's Congress to have say on Taiwan

Internet at home is almost a reality, so I should be able to post more regularly soon enough.

The spokesman for the PRC's Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, Li Weiyi (李维一), has said that the next PRC People's Congress will:

... 针对近年来台海形势及其发展趋势,确定今后一个时期对台工作的指导思想、总体要求和主要任务,是对于指导和推进今后的对台工作,促进两岸关系发展,推动祖国和平统一进程是具有重大意义的。

... decide on a philosophy for the direction of current and future efforts
related to Taiwan affairs in response to the recent and developing situation in
the Taiwan strait, as well as decide on the overall demands [regarding Taiwan]
and important missions [relating to Taiwan]. This is meant to encourage
development of cross-strait relations and push for the peaceful unification of
the motherland, and will provide direction for progress in Taiwan-related

This could mean some major restatement of policy that would seek to paint more clear red lines. You might expect something like the anti-succession law v2.0 come out.

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