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Sep 17, 2007

KMT legislator joins Farmers Party

KMT legislator Ke Jun-hsiung (柯俊雄) announced that he's joined the Taiwan Farmers Party last night. He is still a KMT member, however, and it's unclear what penalty the party will impose. Hopefully, this will be the first of several such defections.


Raj said...
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Raj said...

So there was one KMT legislator who left and sat as an independent, right? How many more after this need to leave before the KMT and PFP lose control of the legislative?

Also, who is this guy? One of the "pro-Wang" types or someone from a different faction?

Runsun said...

Ke Jun-hsiung (柯俊雄) was a famous movie star during about 1970~80s. He failed to be nominated as a next legislative candidate by KMT, so in order to enter the Legislative Yuan for next term he has to switch party.

I remember reading that DPP was contacting him for a possible switching over about 2 or 3 months ago. I knew Ke is deep-blue so I was shocked by DPP's move.

He is not pro-Wang. In this news article today:

柯俊雄宣布加入農民黨 為馬英九固農民票

台灣農民黨今天宣布中國國民黨籍立委柯俊雄入黨,成為黨內唯一現任立委。... 農民黨不會推出總統候選人,他入黨可幫國民黨總統參選人馬英九固農民票

Taiwan Famers Party announced today that Chinese KMT Legislator Ke Jun-hsiung became TFP's only legislator... Ke said that TFP won't
have their own President candidate, but his entering TFP will help Ma Ying-Jeou in gathering more farmers' votes.