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Sep 28, 2007


Clinton has given me no indication she would disassemble the police state apparatus that's been built in the US by this administration. Your thoughts?


Steve said...

My thoughts? The (D) by her name might as well say (R).

MJ Klein said...

are you surprised? it's what everyone in the government has always wanted. the Constitution was such an impediment to controlling the people.

good thing we don't live there anymore, huh?

R, D, it's all the same corrupt bullshit.

Subrata said...

I think shes a lot more liberal than she lets on and shares the same politics as her husband (whos gotten more liberal lately AFAICT).

She's doing it to pull in the moderate vote. Can't be naive in this business.

Mark said...

I don't think she wants to disassemble it. I think she wants to inherit it.

Michael Turton said...

I'm with the Cynics here. Let's not forget, HC started out as a rabble-rouser for that prime shit Nixon. I think she wants to inherit it to, and I don't think she stands for anything but her own advancement. Think HC will turn the economy over to electric-based running on wind and solar? Think we'll pull out of Iraq?

A-gu, farmers party to ally with tycoons.