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Jan 27, 2010

100th anniversary of the ROC

The coming 100th anniversary of the founding of the R.O.C. is sure to be a tremendous propaganda fest. As others have pointed out, it will be an effort to roll back the Taiwan-centric conscious that we've built up over the last couple of decades in favor of portraying Taiwan within the context of Chinese political and cultural history. The Zhonghua Minzu will feature prominently, as will early Republic (ROC) history.

I have a feeling the whole thing will just go over most people's heads. Don't expect any major transformations in opinion to accompany the festivities.

It remains to be seen if the KMT plans to sign something with China, beyond the ECFA, before the anniversary. While the peace agreement in the works probably cannot happen by that date, it seems likely that they will push for something new to wrap up in October.

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