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Dec 6, 2009

Results -- KMT 12, DPP 4, "Ind." 1

Taipei Times really has most of the vital information in a well-done spread. The lead article notes:

The KMT took 12 of the 17 mayor and commissioner positions up for grabs, while the DPP won four, and one went to an independent, formerly KMT candidate.

The DPP increased its share of the overall vote to 45.9 percent, up from 38.2 percent four years ago, while taking back control of the hotly contested Yilan County after losing it to the KMT four years ago.

But the DPP did very well for itself, too. Here are the results for County Commissioners:

Party Number of votes
KMT 2,094,518 47.8754%
DPP 1,982,914 45.3245%
Hakka party
15,807 0.3613%
Total votes for parties
4,093,239 93.5612%
281,693 6.4388%

That's not a bad result over all for the country, and I'm particularly surprised at how close g, Taoyuan, Penghu and Nantou were. The KMT won them all, but not by much. See great PDF spread here.

County councilmen and township governor results showed continued the trend of strong independents, often local factional leaders, presenting the only real thorn in the side of the KMT.

County Councilmen
Party Votes Percentage
KMT 1,920,086 43.9363%
DPP 1,067,010 24.4159%
Labor Party
4,736 0.1084%
Green Party
843 0.0193%
PFP 5,748 0.1315%
TSU 27,286 0.6244%
Taiwan KMT
208 0.0048%
Votes for parties
3,025,917 69.2406%
Non-partisan votes
1,344,232 30.7594%

Township Governors
Party Votes Percentage
KMT 1,865,159 48.8158%
DPP 765,816 20.0433%
Unification Promotion Party
2,257 0.0591%
Daoist Party (大道慈悲濟世黨)
7,966 0.2085%
Votes for parties
2,641,198 69.1267%
Non-partisans 1,179,612 30.8733%

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