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Dec 10, 2009


I expect violence on a similar scale to the last version at the Chiang-Chen talks. Potential protesters, I believe, feel a sense of urgency more than during the start of the Chen visit to Taipei, so will all be ready.

The police efforts to contain them, I think, are doomed to failure. And mobilization from the South may be easier since the talks are in Taichung.

Still, the talks will "succeed," as everything will be signed as per already arranged agreement. And nobody important will get seriously hurt. So it should just be a feeding fest for the media, only to be more or less forgotten a month later.


Ben Goren said...

Agreed. This is one for the pan greens to lose. They need to tread carefully.

Anonymous said...

From all accounts I think they will lose it.

There missing a few ingredients such as a proper press release that makes clear what the DPP intentions are and where they stand.

As a result we might get another round of "DPP is racist against the Chinese" or "DPP hates engagement with China" amongst other things that'll just damage it.

I still remember the horrendous coverage of 5-17.

Loa Iok-sin said...

I'm fed up with DPP-organized festival-like demonstrations. Violence and riots are undesired, and should be condemned under normal circumstances, but I don't think the situation that Taiwan is facing now can be counted as one of those "normal circumstances".