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Sep 15, 2009

I wonder what's on their mind...

As the 60th anniversary of the victory of the Chinese Communist Party and the establishing of the P.R.C. edges ever-nearer, I am rather struck to see the CCP putting it's best foot forward via Xinhua and publishing an article about how the increasing use of "one party democracy." The article says the next party congress is expected to undertake reforms that will facilitate the establishment of a better frame work for operating in a one party democratic system and outlines what steps have been taken in that direction already.

This other article talks about elections within the party for provincial level party jobs, and their high satisfaction and participation rates.

You wouldn't think they would try to remind people democracy at this particular moment. My uneducated guess is this indicates the Party's increasing determination to appropriate the term democracy in order to "take" the term from potential reformists as the anniversary approaches, and probably for long term use. Controlling the language of the debate is important.

But further, it made me wonder: has Ma every said that by his definition, Chinese democracy would need to be a multi-party democracy? I don't think anyone's ever even thought to ask him that, because it normally goes without saying. But what if a future KMT administration's condition for unification talks, "democracy," could be met within a one party framework? I don't see that flying with the Taiwanese public, but you might expect some degree of push for the mainstreaming of that opinion within the next few years.


Anonymous said...

Well, its not exactly new for communist countries to use the term democracy.

Anonymous said...

when the China team for deaf ollies marched in close ceremony, they held a banner that read "Go GO Taiwan Compatriots in recovery from Typhoon" and this is like saying Taiwan is part of China, right in taipie, at the ollies, saying WE ARE ON COUNTRY, has anyone complained about this in public in the CHinese or English media? COMPATRIOTS? I know they use that word in China. but to use it here in Taiwan, on Taiwan soil, did anyone complain?>

Gilman Grundy said...

The first commenter said it. 'Democratic centralism' has been in the communist playbook since Lenin's days.