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Sep 14, 2009

Surprise, surprise.

KMT proposes ‘decriminalizing’ fund

The Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) caucus yesterday again proposed “decriminalizing” the use of the special allowance fund by government chiefs.

The KMT caucus first suggested an amendment to the Audit Law (審計法) in April 2007 that would decriminalize government chiefs’ personal use of special allowance funds....

Now that Chen has been found guilty in the first trial, we can now discuss [decriminalization] of [how the government chiefs use their] special allowance fund,” [KMT caucus secretary-general ] Lu [Hsueh-chang (呂學樟)] said, referring to the verdict handed out by the Taipei District Court on Friday sentencing Chen and his wife Wu Shu-jen (吳淑珍) to life in prison in the first trial of Chen’s state affairs fund case.

Lu told reporters that it was necessary for the legislature to pass the legislation given that some 200 government chiefs are still being investigated for how they spent their special affairs funds.
I am speechless, though the term "shameless" (袂見笑) comes to mind.


Islander said...

I'm speechless as well. How can the Taiwanese electorate not see through this?! Why don't they vote out the KMT? Is this considered acceptable behavior?

Άλισον said...

When the DPP president was in power, the legislative Yuan (LY) was still controlled by the pan-blue (mostly KMT, with some PFP, etc.), back then the people of Taiwan suffered, as many bills were purposely not passed by the KMT-dominated LY, and the budgets for many ministries under the Executive Yuan were cut. So the people of Taiwan decided to give the KMT a try in 2008 to see if both the executive branch and the LY were under the same KMT party, maybe the government would function more smoothly with no conflict.

But as it turned out, the people misjudged the KMT, as the KMT of today is just the same as the old KMT; and worse, the KMT has changed from anti-communist to communist-friendly!

This is the sad thing that I am telling the "Islander" above, and the rest of the world especially the mainstream media who has been writing that Taiwan's voters elected Ma because they preferred a China-friendly president, no! the voters preferred a smooth functioning government that bills could be passed in time so the Executive Yuan could implement the good policies.

As it turned out, the bills that benefit the society do not have priority but those strange and unfair bills receive very speedy clearance from the LY.

The people of Taiwan and especially the young voters trusted the democratic system, but underestimated the KMT party's old ugly characters under the White Terror period.

Whether the young people get a chance to see democracy prevails in Taiwan or not actually depends on how resistance Taiwan's young generation is to the current government. They have to go through the same experience what their older generation has accomplished two decades ago to gain democracy. But this time around, facing a combined KMT-CCP.