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Mar 9, 2009

Invasion of privacy

Since Weichen has again already done such a bang up job writing on this topic, I'll translate his post instead of rewriting it. I don't draw the same final conclusion as Weichen does -- I believe the invasions of privacy would be used for much more private retribution -- but the law is ultimately as dangerous as he suggests.

The Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) is by nature an authoritarian party, and so now that they have returned to power, they are doing everything they can to again make Taiwan an authoritarian state. Now, the Ministry of Justice and KMT legislators are in cahoots to pass a new "Personal Information Protection Law" which would allow public representatives [like legislators] to look up people's personally information without any cause. Every person's personal and private information would be laid bare to the KMT.

All netizens should note, actually the target of this law is pan-green netizens. Why have the KMT's netizens secretly established their base at the Legislative Yuan's Cingdao House? Is it just a coincidence that the office of the legislator who raised this bill is also in the Cingdao House?

In the future, the KMT's website will not just be used to disseminate propaganda, but will be used to bring to Taiwan that Chinese habit of [human flesh searches.] If the law is amended, legislative authority can also be consolidated and the personal information of pan-green supporters can be used to purge opponents, or perhaps given to the Chinese PLA. Any supporters of Taiwanese independence, of the DPP, or any anti-Chinese person can be listed in preparation for a massacre or crucification.

The significance of this law cannot be underestimated.

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