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Mar 16, 2009

ICRT Taiwan news

Another amusing collection:

A Toronto-based Taiwan official accused of writing defamatory articles about
Taiwan and the Taiwanese people has been demoted ... and could face further

A hearing was held this morning for the information division chief of
Taiwan's representative office in Toronto Guo Guan-ying ... after it was
alleged he wrote blog articles using an alias in which he referred to people
here as Taiwanese rednecks.

Afterwards ... G-I-O deputy director Xu Qiu-huang said that Guo is being
called back and demoted ... and that a disciplinary committee will consider
further punishment.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs says an initial report about a possible trade
pact with China will be ready in about 3 months.

Yin Qi-min says the Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement is currently in
various stages of study.

He says a report on the E-C-F-A's estimated effects on Taiwan's GDP, local
industry, and other stimulus measures will be presented within a few months.

Meanwhile, a public hearing on the trade deal will be held some time during
the next week to week and a half.


According to a survey by the National Zhong-zheng University, last year
people in Taiwan lost a total of 155 billion NT in fraud cases, outstripping
their losses in theft for the first time.

The survey has also shown that of all the criminal cases, fraud is the only
one category that is on the rise.

But the National Police Agency suggests the University study numbers may be
seriously exaggerated.


A group of pro-independence supporters went to the C.K.S. Memorial this
morning to show their displeasure with the former ROC president Chiang

The hundred or so protesters shouted get rid of the devil ... and long live
Taiwan independence.

The main hall with a huge seated statue of Chiang had been locked shut ahead
of the arrival of the protesters ... who then proceeded to paste paper charms
to exorcise the devil on the side of the building.

The current administration has decided to rename the complex to the C.K.S.
Memorial ... after the previous administration had changed it to Taiwan
Democracy Memorial.

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