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Jan 15, 2012

Voting result breakdown by county

Legislative breakdown: Apple Daily is reporting the KMT wins 64 seats, a majority; the DPP 40 seats, the PFP and TSU 3 seats each, and nonpartisans or NPSU candidates winning 3 seats. This is a relative loss of 17 seats for the KMT and an increase of 13 for the DPP. 

On the presidential side, note the relative balance of areas where a party wins more than say, 55% of the vote.  The DPP is not really all that dominant even in most places it wins. 

2012 Presidential Elections percentages and votes
Ma / Wu ticketIng / Chia ticketSoong / Lin ticket
Taipei City57.87%、928717 votes39.54%、6345652.58%,41448
Taipei County53.72%、124567343.45%、10075512.81%、65269
Taichung City52.15%、79233444.68%、6787363.16%、48030
Tainan City39.80%、43527457.72%、6312322.47%、27066
Kaohsiung City44.18%、73046153.42%、8831582.38%、39469
Yilan County44.88%、11549652.52%、1351562.58%、6652
Taoyuan County57.20%、63915139.85%、4453082.94%、32927
Hsinchu County65.76%、19079730.93%、897413.30%、9599
Hsinchu City57.43%、13472839.48%、926323.07%、7216
Miaoli County63.84%、20620033.18%、1071642.97%、9597
Zhanghua County50.58%、36996846.49%、3400692.92%、21403
Nanto County54.62%、15870342.36%、1230773.00%、8726
Yunlin County41.67%、15989155.81%、2141412.51%、9662
Chiayi County39.04%、12094658.57%、1814632.37%、7364
Pingtung County42.92%、21157155.13%、2717221.94%、9562
Taitung County66.47%、7282330.50%、334173.02%、3313
Hualian County70.29%、11881525.94%、438453.76%、6359
Penghu County49.75%、2257945.65%、207174.58%、2082
Keelung City59.28%、12829436.76%、795623.94%、8533
Chiayi City46.26%、6953551.04%、767112.68%、4042
Jinmen County89.23%、346768.21%、31932.54%、990
Lianjiang County86.60%、45078.03%、4185.36%、279
Total votes51.60%、689113945.63%、60935782.76%、369588


skiingkow said...

No matter how you chalk up the numbers, Taiwan needed Tsai and the DPP to win this election.

They didn't.

And now the final nail in the coffin has been hammered in place.


Raj said...

It's not hard to understand. Enough people didn't see a danger in voting the KMT in again.

In four years they'll know if they were sensible, stupid or simply lucky.

skiingkow said...

I don't think we'll have to wait 4 years.

Gilman Grundy said...

Wow. Someone using the handle "STOP Ma" thinks returning Ma was a bad idea. Who saw that one coming?