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Dec 26, 2011

Tsai supports TSU

Just saw this! Tsai Ing-wen is openly inviting DPP-sympathetic voters to give their at large votes the the TSU. I guess Tsai imagines that the party hardcore will stick with the DPP while "independents" might be attracted to Lee Teng-hui's part. More substantially, maybe she's hoping that if any one party breaks the 5% threshold, it better be the TSU.

 與民進黨守護台灣 小英︰盼台聯過5%

Not sure how politically astute this suggestion is in the long run, but perhaps she's just throwing a dog a bone without any expectation that voters will change their minds and DPP strength will remain as strong as it could get anyway.

I'm a bit surprised and am not sure of the political implications, but quite pleased (emotionally) with this move. 


Tommy said...

As I recall from reading about this earlier today, the TSU suggested that its supporters vote for Tsai for the presidency (which they probably would have done anyway). This might just be good politics. If you were a die-hard TSU supporter, wouldn't you feel much more enthusiastic about voting for Tsai if Tsai had made a gesture to support your party in return?

NJ said...

TSU, PFP and NP will probably get 2% to 3% of party votes. might be a high 10% wasted votes by the 3 parties.