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Nov 19, 2011

Pretty sure Soong just destroyed his candidacy

As the 10/18 episode of 2100 pointed out to me tonight, Soong stated he's a guy from Henan Province working in Taiwan, and what's the problem with that?

Expect this to appear in the blue media especially again and again as the election approaches. The 2100 guests were universally derisive of his stance, ignoring the compatibility of that stance with KMT dogma. 

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justrecently said...

I'm not sure how Soong's statement will work in the dynamics between the three presidential tickets, and I seem to remember that Soong talks away with ease, no matter what - but I am pretty sure that Soong isn't running in the actual belief that he might be elected president.

Therefore, his statement may still make sense, even if I don't know his motive, or if there is one.