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Aug 11, 2011

I just wrote about the difficult the DPP is having formulating their cross strait policy amist greater pressure for details from both the KMT and CCP. I concluded:
So the DPP plan is apparently to first remain clear about red lines (i.e. rejection of an explicit  'One China' framework). Next, express willingness to maintain all the agreements signed so far, and finally throw vague pleasantries out there in the hopes that someone will take the bait if Tsai is the winner come 2012.   

I would say the CCP-KMT effort to force the DPP into a very precise policy formulation is pretty smart politics, and likely to work. I expect the DPP will be forced to forge an internal consensus on exactly what language they're willing to embrace for the sake of talks, and on exactly what they cannot accept. And I don't see how the additional clarity will actually benefit the Green camp.

Unfortunately, since Beijing has their own veto on what formulation will work, and a precisely articulated DPP policy is unlikely to allay fears of Taiwanese Independence forces in Beijing, it'll be up to the relatively dovish faction in China to find a way to continue relations in the event of a DPP victory.
And it appears the DPP's chairwoman Tsai Ing-wen is pushing back calls for too many specifics, as the government funded Central News Agency reports:

Responding to media questions about the DPP cross strait policy being too abstract, Tsai said that because cross-strait economic policy deals with a number of specialized topics, explaining the policy is best done by explaining a general direction for how things will be dealt with; perhaps some people feel that this is not dealing with the issues in enough detail, but at this point outlining a general direction is still the most suitable way to explain the policy. 

Tsai Ing-wen said that many issues could only be dealt with after the DPP was administrating, that many issues need will be explained in different stages and in different settings. She also emphasized that in regards to cross-strait policy, the DPP has a general consensus.

Tsai's analysis strikes me as quite accurate, and also as the only way the DPP can keep Beijing from playing the veto card before the election. That obviously didn't stop Ma's office from blasting Tsai's "irresponsible" and "confusing" position.

As a bonus comment, I'll throw in that I particularly like Joseph Wu's (吳釗燮) statement today:
Since Taiwan's democratization, public opinion rejects unification with China, but seeks peaceful coexistence with China. This situation is an objective fact that China and the international community need to accept.


Taiwan Echo said...

One of the reasons -- a very critical one -- for the KMT to keep pushing for details is that the KMT is waiting to copy them. This happened all the way back to the beginning of this year. The Ma government first criticized Tsai's future plan heavily for a week or two, then they changed gears to steal Tsai's idea as their plan. In some cases they claimed that they planned it long time ago.

Ma Ying-jeou even copied how Tsai dressed, by wearing exactly the same style of cloth that he never wore before.

The DPP is very aware of that. Tsai even mentioned (sometimes in March) that details can't go public too early or the idea will be stolen. I believe that this plays a very important role for them not to disclose detailed plan too soon.

Taiwan Echo said...

Yet another example showing that Ma is copying Tsai's every move -- less than 2 days after Tsai's office announced that Tsai will visit the USA on Sept,12, Ma office followed up by planning a visit to the USA in early September, "a little bit earlier than Tsai":

馬辦9月也訪美 雙英海外拚場

Gilman Grundy said...

@Taiwan Echo - Of course, in any ordinary democratic system (which I believe Taiwan has) the wholesale adoption of your opponents policies can both be touted as evidence of your willingness to compromise, and be used against you to show you have no ideas of your own.

Little Dog said...

tsai is hollow. she makes politically correct but empty words. this is becoming increasingly obvious and her populatiry is dropping and kmt wants nothing but she continues behaving this way. tsai has no alternative. and how she can tell her people the truth that they need to be both practical while defiant with extreme care over china. the worst part of the education here, both kmt and dpp, is to actually conditions people with an air of big country chauvanism (a legacy from the kmt region evacuated from china in 1949) and with a touch of contempt on china from the japanese influence (showa generation). anyway, china is now one of the ranking powers in the world. dpp just can not emotionally accept the fact to be practical but smartly defiant. as we get into the election further, she shows more of "king's new dress" in her claim of nothingless. people will not care how she is going to do by plan to deal with china over time and stages, people want to know how she is going to deal with the immediate change as soon as she is elected, such as the potential embargo from china. where is the contigent plan?
she has no clue except to behave like a muttering civil lawyer, she is tiring.

Taiwan Echo said...


Yes. You are right. The situation now is that the Ma government copied almost every critical plan that Tsai has. If party B always steals the party A's ideal, which would mean that party B has no idea, or no right idea to start with. Then, why people should support it ?

Taiwan Echo said...

"tsai is hollow. she makes politically correct but empty words."

If that's true, people would wonder why Ma follows her "empty words" so faithfully. Is it because that Ma is even more empty than Tsai ?

Tsai hasn't taken the executive power yet, so whatever empty accusations against Tsai out there are just speculation.

But Ma has been in power for 3+ years for him to fulfill his promises, but many of his promises did go empty. It's a fact, not a speculation.

Taiwan Echo said...

The following article covers how Ma Ying-jeou and his team steals every critical policy of Tsai's:

KMT 2012 Campaign Strategy is Plagiarism

It happens so often, that it already went beyond "willingness to compromise" level.

Tsai saw the trick very early on, that's why she has her plans gone public at specific time of her choice, with either part of or entire of the plan.