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Apr 4, 2011

Tsai Ing-wen will win because of Obama?

My wife has a theory that neutral Taiwanese voters will come out in force for Tsai Ing-wen as a sort of "competition" against the rest of the world. Since America has a black president, she thinks they'll reason, why can't Taiwan have a woman president?  Along those lines, she figures Su would not be able to overcome Ma in a head-to-head match up because he won't generate that special excitement.

I'm not so sure this is a good theory, but it could make for good conversation here. :)

My own thinking is that while Tsai being a female candidate isn't a hot news topic (thank goodness), there could be some slither of truth to her claim. 


TG said...

I think the theory would be valid, if Hillary would've won the election in 2008. For this one to work, DPP needs to find a younger candidate with aboriginal roots, who can deliver great speeches. I don't think it will happen any time soon :)

With that said, I have to say I like Tsay Ing-wen a lot :)

Carlos said...

I could see that happening. But it’s interesting that female politicians seem to have an easier time being taken seriously in Taiwan than in the US… despite their use of ‘cute’ icons, logos, etc.

Anyway, I’m excited about Tsai Ing-wen. I hope she does well.

david on formosa said...

I've actually heard some Taiwanese saying the opposite: some men will be reluctant to vote for a female candidate.