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Mar 11, 2011

Tsai for Prez?

Tomorrow, DPP Chair Tsai Ying-wen is likely to announce her plans to run for President. I'm happy to see it and expect a (survey based, not voting based) primary that pits Su Chen-chang against Tsai, with Annette Lu Hsiu-lien's run being little more than a side show -- and I'd bet she'd run as an independent if she doesn't lose the nomination.

And in fact I would expect it to be a very close contest between Su and Tsai. My own preference would be to see Su come out on top as I feel he's a more capable campaigner. And the two of them on the same ticket would be powerful despite their common Pingtung origin. I say that because Mayoral elections showed that both Su and Tsai have surprisingly robust bases in the north that Lu or other contenders can't really match.

Two major questions for the DPP: one, can they articulate three or four problems with KMT domestic policy and "fixes"  that resonate with the public? And two, can they articulate a "One Side, One Country" policy stance that leaves room for China to decide to maintain current relations?


Tim Maddog said...

"[T]he mainland"? Yikes, man!

And who needs the kind of "current relations" that cause citizens of this country" to be extradited to that country?

Tim Maddog

Taiwan Echo said...

Dear A-gu,

Your assessment on the race between Tsai and Su is probably way way off, and is very well aligned with what the blue media reported. See my article:

Tsai Ing-wen for 2012


阿牛 said...

Maddog, well noted! I've updated the post.

Taiwan Echo, thanks for the link, very good analysis.

Gilman Grundy said...

God forbid that you would refer to mainland China the same way anyone else does in Taiwan, green or blue. I mean, what were you thinking?