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Feb 18, 2011

Su's "Taiwan Consensus"

I fully expect Su Chen-chang's phrase of "Taiwan Consensus" will end up defining the DPP position vis-a-vis the KMT come 2012, though I imagine we can expect some internal wrangling between heavy weights for a share of the credit.

Su's statement is summerized in this article:

Su Chen-chang believes that Taiwan has had four direct presidential elections; that it is a sovereign and independent country,  not part of the People's Republic of China; that according to the constitution, the national name is currently the Republic of China; that changing the status quo [thus defined] must be agreed to by the people as a whole; and that these points already form the broadest consensus [of cross-strait relations] in the country.

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Taiwan Echo said...

He said nothing new other than regurgitating what DPP said in 台灣前途決議文 back in 1999.

It's a bit funny, 'cos during his years of political career, including several terms of magistrates, vice premier, and even vice president candidate, he has never made clear what he has in mind regarding Taiwan's future. He's been criticized for being evasive, avoiding making clear stand, in this topic.

It's only after mounting criticism that a president candidate should have some idea about the cross-strait relationship did he come up with this old tune.

The tune itself is still good, amazingly how advanced and foresight the DPP had 12 years ago. However, it's probably hard for people to forget that Su said this at this time might be just for the sake of primary.