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Aug 29, 2009

I <3 sashimi

US$6 worth of sashimi in Pingtung.


Michael T. Sullivan said...

You lucky dog... I'm about to go out in Houston and spend 150 US for a sushi/sake fest

Άλισον said...

1 piece of nigiri sushi (a small slice of raw fish on top of rice) is 3 Euro here, believe it or not?!

And that's before taking into account the foreign exchange factor.

Got to become a fisherman and catch my own fresh fish.


Damn that tastes GOOD even from here! Oishii! Where's the wasabi! That pic made my day! Going out for some sashimi and shushi right now, inspired by this. That and some cold Taiwan Dark Beer washed down with some hot sake (it's raining today here). OishiiiiiiiiiiI!

By the way, ever heard the phrase OPEN KIMONO or "open the kimono" marketing strategy? Where did it come from, who coined it and when?

Inquiring minds want to know after dinner tonight. *burp*

Anonymous said...

Dr Tonio Andrade PHD at Emory Uni in Atlanta who lived for 18 months in Taiwan, and "immersed myself in Chinese (sic) culture" said on CNN last night that "President Ma, who is the Governor of Taiwan, re, president....." on CNN, explaining that Dalai Lama visit to itl viewers, this Chico apologist who spent 18 months in taiwan writing his book. ''How Taiwan Became Chinese'' (Columbia University Press, 2008) ......

Was this a Freudian slip? MA is the GOVERNOR of the PROVINCE OF TAIWAN? Tonio, we hardly knew ye.... is he a paid lobbyist for Beijing? Why does CNN interview him instead of people like Jerome Keating or Michell Turton? They know more about Taiwan that this dumb Andrade guy.....sheesh!