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Jul 1, 2009

And now, for the moment you've all been waiting for ...

... presenting the 2009 County magistrate and mayoral elections map guide! Updated to reflect the recently approved mergers in Tainan, Kaohsiung and Taichung as well as Taipei County's upgrade!

View 2009 County Magistrate/mayoral elections 第十六屆縣(市)長選舉 in a larger map

I know you've just been dying to see it!

Not much data yet; as far as I know, all polls so far have been internal party polls, none of which have been publicly released. As more info comes in, the map will continue to be updated!

Note: this map does not reflect that at the same time, county/city council and township/village chief elections will be held at the same time (Dec. 5, 2008). Frankly, I feel there's little point putting that on the map for now. There will be almost no polling, I imagine, and those results are probably better studied in spreadsheet form. But we will be watching and analyzing those results as well!