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May 12, 2009


Twenty three minutes ago, CNA reported the list of industries in Taiwan which mainland Chinese investment will be allowed into during the next round of cross-strait economic liberalization.

A total of 99 industries are listed and include Chinese medicine, automobile production, paper and plastics products, the wholesale business, retail, tourism, air and sea cargo, other service industries.

In all, 65 manufacturing industries will be open, or about 30% of Taiwan's total manufacturing industry, though the wafer and LCD industries along with a few other high tech industries will not be on that list. And twenty three service industries will be opened up as well, though those service industries requiring special certification like law and accounting will remain off the list.

Chinese will also be able to invest in public infrastructure firms, though Chinese firms will not be allowed to directly win public infrastructure contracts themselves here.

You can expect some stock market reaction to that tomorrow!

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Tommy said...

Also, three Chinese shipping lines are planning investments at the Port of Kaohsiung: CSCL, Cosco and China Merchants.