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Jan 14, 2007

Temporary Palestinian state?

Rice in Middle East (Reuters)

"Of course part of our responsibility is to give the moderate Palestinians a political horizon while providing the Israelis security," Livni said.

She did not give details, but Israeli officials said Livni and Rice had discussed the possibility of creating a Palestinian state with temporary borders following the line of a barrier Israel is building in and around the occupied West Bank.

One senior Israeli official said Rice wanted to discuss some of the most sensitive issues, including the future of Jerusalem, with both sides "in order to see if there's space for progress on a Palestinian state in the next two years".

Abbas has repeatedly rejected the idea of a state with temporary borders. Palestinians fear such borders would become final, leaving them with a truncated state.

Even Xinhua and Egyptians (via AP) knows that "Palestinians are skeptical of the establishment of a Palestinian state with temporary borders, fearing that the temporary borders would become the permanent one."

Personally, I find the idea interesting, but agree it would become another unilateral decision by Israel to make final borders. Negotiations would be out the window on East Jerusalem and the right of return.

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