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Jan 7, 2011

Rate of posts

You might have noticed my posting rate is way down. This is largely due to me being out of Taiwan and therefore less into the daily political news cycle than I once was. We've been in TX about a year now and it's clearly taken a toll on my blogging.

I feel OK about this, though, considering how well David Reid, Michael Turton, Ben Gordon, Dixteel and Frozen Garlic have been doing on their individual blogs -- not to mention the careful daily attention that goes into posts at Taiwan Matters!

I'll still post my feelings and thoughts as time goes on. I guess I have to ask if anyone would be interested in a slight repositioning of this blog to include US or Texas issues. If so, the post frequency could go up a bit!


Taiwan Echo said...

Yea, primaries of 2012 are getting to start ... I like to hear more about Sarah Palin, lol ... Not that I like her or support her, but that she provided unmatched entertainment to my family :)

Anonymous said...

I think people come here more for the Taiwan than the politics. If you feel like writing about politics closer to home, create another blog and share the link here instead.

justrecently said...

I don't think it would have to be all politics from Taiwan, but it should somehow be Taiwan-related, when posted on this blog. Not every post, obviously - after all, a blog is no trade publication -, but I believe that most of your posts should be Taiwan-related.

justrecently said...

Thinking about it, something that would really help to raise Taiwan's profile would be to translate online articles of the Taiwanese press (or Chinese-speaking blogs) into English - something that can easily be done from America, too.
That, plus occasional thoughts on Taiwanese politics, would be a great source of information.
For posts mostly about American politics, I'd use a second blog.

Happy new year!