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Aug 21, 2009

KMT business.

Rumors abound about splits in the KMT. But I think this is pure speculation. Most of the most vocal legislators, if not all the dissidents, are former PFP people, who have no loyalty to the party and less influence; if anything, this is a bid for power on their part destined to fail. Calls for James Soong to become Premier, emanating from one or two voices inside these dissidents' ranks, are not going to get any attention at all. Do not expect anyone to split off from the party.

However, the KMT is experiencing the beginnings of an internal power struggle. And to support that thesis, I would note two things. First, the complete absence of commentary of appearances from Wang Jin-Pyng, who must indeed be doing something behind the scenes. And second, the lack of any comments from Lien Chan or current KM chair Wu Po-hsiung. The Old Guard are quiet, and not showing their hand. That cannot be good news for Ma.

How things go depend a lot on the next couple of months and, perhaps, even couple of years. But Ma no longer has a free pass to run either the party or to be the nominee come 2012.


Carlos said...

What has Wang Jin-Pyng been up to the last few years?

Robert R. said...

Wii Fit, I believe. That and Mario Cart.

Tommy said...

Wang has been quiet since he was edged out in the running for the presidential race. I have never been able to believe that someone with his ambition and connections would be content to play second-fiddle to Ma. His few critiques of Ma have been quite passe too.

I have always thought that the Old Guard has it best. There was always the possibility that Ma would turn out to be inept. If such a thing happened, the Old Guard could ride to the rescue, safe in the knowledge that they could offer Ma as the sacrificial lamb. This scares me. Who knows what would rise from Ma's scattered ashes in such a situation?

Άλισον said...

Helping people affected by the Morakot is our (anyone who is pro-TW including)concern, splitting-up or making political maneuvers within KMT by KMT members are really KMT's business and none of our business. Who cares?!

The DPP can not rely on a weakened KMT to benefit, it needs to win the heart of the people.