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Oct 22, 2007

Bush and war crimes

This is a little old, but very important, and based entirely on facts. The President continues to authorize torture procedures for which the Allied powers prosecuted Nazis.

On this sort of basis alone, I honestly believe President Bush should be arrested and prosecuted in an international court, even if saying so qualifies me as crazy.

And, of course, that will never happen, so there's not much to do but be disappointed and try to get someone in office who will roll back this madness.


Robert said...

I know what you're talking about.

I have been fed up for some time over the fact that Bush has yet to even be IMPEACHED. Why is no one demanding that he answer for what he's done. This administration is obsessed with secrecy, and our politicians are letting them carry on as such.

It's atrocious.

This is the reason, as you've seen, that I started writing the series of posts about Ron Paul. It's really the only thing that gives me hope right now, a politician that seems to have real moral fiber.

I hope that some day Bush and Cheney, especially, will have to stand before us and answer for what they did (like Clinton had to over a BJ).

Michael Turton said...

Totally agree with comments on Bush. I wanted him impeached in '03. Too bad.